Return to Eternity

The Return to Eternity means that the thing repeats itself forever. The symbolic expression which is fundamental to the philosophy of Nietzsch who states an absolute affirmative to existence… The Return to Eternity. To continue throughout all eternity within time. The character which is immortal and surpasses time.

Thus began a long journey into the world of 3D. I used this medium to express in a reduced way the emotion brought to me by the songs and music of Peter Gabriel.

Some artworks are for sale on redbubble and  artstation.

The Heat
i Grieve
Come Talk to Me
Red Rain
Signal to Noise
Big Time
Mercy Street Live
Secret World
Growing Up (Tricky Instrumental Mix)
Lay your Hands on Me
Blood of Eden
Mercy Street
Solsbury Hill
Washing of the Water
he Nest That Sailed The Sky
Noy Way Out
Here Comes the Flood
Sky Blue
In Your Eyes