Pretty Disco Lights

NOVABLOOD is a Carlisle-based electronic music group uniting former Burn The Negative songwriter Mark Zowie and former Genic vocalist David Beattie.

I had the privilege of designing the cover of their album "Pretty Disco Lights" as well as two singles from it, Stray and Intensify.

NOVABLOOD Pretty Disco Lights

When Mark and David contacted me to offer me to do the cover of their next NOVABLOOD album, I immediately accepted their proposal.

I immersed myself in their discography and I was impressed by the conception and the diversity that NOVABLOOD offers.

The duo gave me complete freedom over the visual image. They gave me some titles so that I could get an idea and we agreed on a perception of light.


I also made the cover for the remixes of the single Stray and Shadows.

NOVABLOOD Shadows Remix


The edit version is a slightly different cut from the album mix. More immediate for radios and the Mark Zowie remix ticks a very different box, with classical string arrangements and hints of acid make this a bit bloody epic. The Shadows remix is ​​an incantation to summon spirits.

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