When each creation brings new knowledge, inspiration pushes the horizon ever further.
What started as an exploration quickly turned into an obsession.
I chose the format of the poster because it is the most satisfying to look at, especially if it is hung on a wall.

Some artworks are for sale on redbubble and society6.


A series of artworks inspired by the music from Johann Johannsson's album "Orphée".

improvisation to freedom

Sakamoto's music is still a great source of inspiration today. His music is a safe haven to go back to. His music inspires me with strong and emotional images.

gone to earth

Gone to earth is a major album in the career of david sylvian. After more than 30 years, this music remains unshakable and evokes strong images.

rain tree crow

A series of artwork inspired by the Rain Tree Crow landscape.

return to eternity

Peter Gabriel has always been a great source of inspiration. It is therefore natural that I wanted to pay tribute to him in my own way.

filigree & shadow

A series of posters inspired by the album of This Mortal Coil, from the 4AD label.

before the dawn

Kate Bush's concert left an indelible impression that gave birth to a series of posters inspired by her songs.