Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime, and Why Now?

Paul gave me complete freedom for the creation of the artwork for his double vinyl album. But it was when he gave me the title of the album that three veils came to me, with a contrasting element for the "Why Now".
The veil "Somehow" is red, "Somewhere" is blue, and "Sometime" is yellow. These three words had to interact with each other, which is why I let the light pass through.
As the music is alive, the veils are in full motion and all point to the dark and gold sphere.

Double LP Vinyl
Paul Jorgensen render
Gatefold Outer

5 Questions to Paul Jorgensen

Through email, I asked Paul Jorgensen 5 questions. Click on the button to discover the interview.

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Paul Jorgensen Cover
Paul Jorgensen Cover & Vinyl
Gatefold Inner
The inner sleeve
Transparent Vinyl
Paul Jorgensen Cover
Paul Jorgensen Cover
Paul Jorgensen Inner
Paul Jorgensen Inner
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