This groundbreaking double album, crafted in just three days in Lugano, marks the debut of a dynamic new ensemble featuring Tigran Hamasyan, Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset, and Jan Bang. Each of these exceptional musicians is at the height of their creative powers here, effortlessly weaving together introspective reflections on Armenian themes and spontaneously conjuring up captivating atmospheric soundscapes.

Upon discovering the album, colors and movements immediately came to me. Driven by the music, I created 11 artworks in three days, just like the recording of this album.

Some artworks are for sale on redbubble and artstation.

Traces I
Traces II
Traces III
Garun A
Traces IV
Traces V
Traces IX
Traces VI
Traces VII
Traces VIII
Traces X
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